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Doctoral Colloquium provides an important opportunity for doctoral students to present their work-in-progress to a distinguished academic panel, and to receive helpful feedback. It is the time to discuss your research and future prospects for research and scholarship. In this opportunity, you will present your research progress to the audience and to our track chair as reviewer. The panelists consist of highly experienced researchers who are able to offer important advice on subject, methodology and approach. Below is the list of our scientific committe as your reviewer.

The 11th ICBMR – Doctoral Colloquium is a special opportunity for young researchers to meet a wider group of experts and compare notes with students from other institutions. Please note that participation in the 11th ICBMR Doctoral Qolloquium is an honor granted to doctoral candidates who applied and were accepted for the event as presenter. The colloquium is not open to observers.

Scientific Committee


  • Professor Mohamed Ariff – Finance – Sunway University

  • Professor Felix Mavondo – Marketing – Monash University

  • Professor Dr. Balakrishnan A/L Parasuraman – Organization/Human Resources Management – Universiti Malaya Kelantan

  • Professor Agus W. Soehadi – Marketing – Prasetiya Mulya Business School

  • Professor Firmanzah – Marketing/Strategic Management – Universitas Indonesia

  • Dr. Hanny Nasution – Marketing – Monash University

  • Dr. Togar Simatupang – Finance/Operations Management – Institut Teknologi Bandung

  • Dr. Vera Pujani –  Operations Management – Universitas Andalas

  •  Dr. Wahyoe Sudharmono – Finance – Sampoerna University

  • Dr. Lukas Setiatmaja– Prasetiya Mulya Business School

  • Dr. Dony Abdul Chalid – Finance – Universitas Indonesia

  • Dr. Aryana Satria – Organization/Human Resources – Universitas Indonesia

  • Dr. Irwan Adi Ekaputra – Finance – Universitas Indonesia

  • Dr. Irwan Trinugroho – Finance – Universitas Sebelas Maret

  • Dr. Ratih Dyah Kusumastuti – Operations Management – Universitas Indonesia

  • Dr. Sari Wahyuni – Strategic Management – Universitas Indonesia

  • Dr. Sri Rahayu Hijrah Hati – Marketing – Universitas Indonesia

  • Dr. Viverita – Finance – Universitas Indonesia

  • Dr. Zaafri Husodo – Finance – Universitas Indonesia

  • Dr. Sylvia Veronica – Accounting – Universitas Indonesia